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I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Operations Research at ISyE - GATech and an Instructor at the School of Business at Universidad Adolfo Ibañez. I studied Mathematical Engineering (Applied Math) at Universidad de Chile.


Mixed Integer Linear Programming (theory, applications and computational methodologies), Combinatorial Optimization, Operations Research. I'm currently working on exploring parallel approaches to solving Integer Programming problems, under the advice of Prof. George Nemhauser, Prof. Shabbir Ahmed, and Prof. David Bader.


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Collaborators and colleagues:

Marcos Goycoolea, Andrés Weintraub, Miguel Constantino, Juan Pablo Vielma, Martín Matamala, Iván Rapaport, Nicolas Schabanel, Gustavo Angulo, Diego Morán, Cristóbal Guzmán, Guido Lagos


Escuela de Negocios
Universidad Adolfo Ibañez
Campus Viña del Mar

Office: C-217

e-mail: rodolfo DOT lajavrac (in reverse order) AT uai DOT cl

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